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Friday, September 18, 2009

Jack in the Spotlight

People always quip, "You won't have nearly as many pictures of your second child as you do your first..." Well, when I had Jack, I made it a mission of mine to not allow that statement ring true for my family, and I'm happy to report Jack's scrapbook is fat and happy (and up-to-date) just as Lucy's was at this age.

We focused some attention on Jack this afternoon, and took him out in the front yard to snap a few pictures of him. Lately, pictures of Jack have been taken as we're out and about somewhere, and I don't have enough pictures of just him. And, as Jack is nearing 10 months old, it's a good time to catch what he looks like for the traditional "nine-month" benchmark.

Here are some favorite of my oh-so-sweet little guy, Jack.

Lucy was not happy about Jack getting the attention -- that face!

Since we're focusing on little Jack, some "Jack Facts" for you:

*At his nine-month well checkup, he weighed in at 20 lbs 4 oz

*He can pull up without difficulty and he cruises around the perimeter of coffee tables and ottomans with ease :-)

*He can balance standing up on his own for about 4 or 5 seconds. I think walking isn't too far away.

*He remains a very happy baby.

*Still eats and nurses very frequently :-)

*Eyes are still very blue and his hair is a reddish-blonde.

*He has 5 teeth.

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  1. Great pictures! Jack is such a sweetheart. Matt and I are sitting here cracking up over the one of poor Lucy. And is that Toby in the window too?