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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love Lucy!

Oh my gosh, I just love my little girl! Just lately she seems to have lost that "toddler" look and is definitely more a "little girl." These pictures of her yesterday just crack me up:

She had just woken up from a very long nap...the hair!!! Love it!

We got it under control before heading over to the Lamy's for supper club, though :-)

And here's little Jack at Supper Club, just hanging out and being good as always :-)

But back to Lucy...some new things of hers...let's see...

*She loves singing and sometimes she wants you to sing along and sometimes NOT. She'll tell you, "No, no, mommy, no singing!"

*In the car, if we're riding with the windows down and she decides she doesn't like it, she says, "Turn the wind off."

*Loves her school class and talks about Mrs. Debby and Jesse B. all the time. (If I decide that something is off limits, all I need to say is, "It's Mrs. Debbie's rule!" and I get no more lip from little Lulu! :-)

*She's becoming very aware of her friends and social aspects...Every morning when we're getting her dressed, she asks what we're doing and then starts listing through her friends to see who will or won't be there. Audrey seems to be her best little girlfriend and I'd say Gavin and Cameron get the most shout outs for her boyfriends :-)

*I've saved the best for last...this story comes from our sitter, Carolyn, who watched the kids Friday night so Jason and I could go celebrate Dawn's 30th bday! Carolyn said she was feeding Jack his bottle on the couch, and Lucy climbed up to snuggle in with them. Toby (our dog) walked up to the couch and tried to nuzzle in his head too. Well, Lucy said to Toby, "No no Toby, this is MY brother. Jack is my brother. This is my brother..." over and over. Carolyn said all the while Lucy was saying this to Toby (surprisingly in a nice tone of voice), Lucy was tracing her pointer finger around the curve of his face, up and down, up and down. She ADORES Jack!

Consequently, Lucy and Jack are beginning to play BEAUTIFULLY together! This lovely cooperative play was something I kept hearing parents of closely-spaced children say was a huge positive, and boy is it! Of course there are a few arguments that come up between them, and Lucy loves to sit on Jack's back and pin him to the floor, but for the most part, they play and play and play together! It's WONDERFUL and heart-warming to see. I truly have the best kiddos around! Hearing Lucy talk is always a huge highlight of my day!

Tomorrow, we're off to The Eldredge's wedding in Lake George, NY. Lucy is super excited to be going on a plane, "Just like the Super Readers! (insert high-pitched SQUEALS!)

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  1. Love the hair! She is getting sooo big!

    -Amy Davis