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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Books for J and L

Valentine's Day is around the corner -- hope you can find a special way to love those that you LOVE!

I ordered Jack and Lucy's valentine's gifts from their last scholastic book catalog that went home. The books arrived today, and due to smart teachers who send home the books in bags, Lucy hasn't seen them yet.

Lucy's book is "Just Me in the Tub" by Mercer Mayer. These books are such a CLASSIC, and she's totally into them right now! At bedtime, she shouts out, "Mercer Mayer, Mercer Mayer!" I love how her voice sounds when she talks about the main character, "Little Critter." You'd have to hear her say it, but her little voice rolling out those "r" sounds in "critter" is so precious. :-) And get this little quirk of hers... on EVERY page, she wants to know about the character's mouth and what it's doing...don't ask me where that came from. But, you can count on it, every page, Lucy says, "What's his mouth doing?" Any book, any character, any mouth...she wants to know (especially when a character is sticking out their tongue, deep in concentration). It's these little quirks I never want to forget...

I remember reading these books when I was little, and Jason says they were his favorite kids series. If you have young ones, and haven't checked out any Mercer Mayer books, I highly recommend you do! The books' plots all deal with issues all little kids deal with. It's a great teaching tool!

Jack's book is, "Moosetache" by Margie Palatini. Although I've not read it before, its plot is about a moose's moustache that's big, hairy, and messy. And Jack's pretty much all of those things, so I'm sure he'll enjoy the "messy" tale :-)

I know what I want to get Jason, but I can't list it here because he does read the blog...you'll just have to wait, sweetie! Won't be able to top Key West, but I'm sure it'll make you smile! ;-)

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  1. Love It. We are on Jan Brett books right now. Katie Lee can "read" The Mitten. We read it every night before bed.