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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Road Rage!

Whew, it's a good thing we're back at home and not on the road anymore. Lemme tell you, there were an abundance of stupid drivers on the roads in Huntsville today.

Now, I will admit that growing up in Atlanta and learning to drive in that environment perhaps gave me a bit of a tendency to be a little angry on the roads now and again, but the drivers today...totally inexcusable.

First of all, what is it with old people who make very poor driving decisions, obviously bad calls, on the road??? Like not only cutting you off (so much so you have to slam on your breaks from going 45 mph down Airport road), but cutting you off in a way that also completely blocks the lane you were traveling in while they sit angled in between two traffic lanes. So much so that you have to stop in the middle of an intersection!

Ooooooh, I laid on my horn and did not let up for a good ten seconds...if I was going to be stuck in the middle of the intersection because of her dangerous decision, she was going to hear about it. And you know what, when I was finally able to drive past her, she wouldn't even look at me. Of course. She just stared straight ahead, purposely avoiding making eye contact with me. Stupid old lady. Glad you cut me off like that just to sit in the left turn lane for a light you aren't going to make! Brilliant!

Then, not two miles down the road, a lady (not old) is driving in the LEFT LANE at about 30 mph...on a road with a 40 mph limit (meaning most people go about 45). And slapped onto the back of her car is a bumper sticker: "www.offmyass.com".

You know what, I'd get "off your ass" if you weren't traveling -- and way under the speed limit -- in the passing lane! Idiot. That rule doesn't only apply to interstates.

And you want to know what's ironic...we were listening to a christian cd in the car at the time...While I'm shouting "stupid drivers!!!" at people, "my soul shouts" is pouring out of the speakers. Quite ironic, really...the song was "my soul shouts." and I was shouting at people. Not exactly what God intends. I do realize that. I try, but I fall short of the glory of God - that's for sure. And I fell short today, but my goodness! I just can't stand drivers who make poor decisions on the road.

And Lucy wanted to know the rest of the way home, pointing to every car we passed, "Mommy, is that driver there a stupid driver?"

"No baby, that driver right there isn't stupid."

"Mommy, is that driver right there a stupid driver?"

"No baby, mommy shouldn't have called anyone a stupid driver."

"Oh... (thoughtful pause), Mommy, what about that driver right there?"

Great...Mom of the Year award, right here...

But LOST was positively awesome last night! Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Have a great rest of the day, and if you see me on the roads, you better make good driving decisions, lest you hear from me; or really, my horn! :-)


  1. Can you please define "OLD" love, Mom

  2. I seriously sat here at my desk and laughed out loud at the hilarity of that post! I can soooo second that. Baliey Cove in the mornings is the worst! Left lane means passing lane! Get over you rediculiously slow annoyance to my morning! Don't you know I have foyer duty this morning and only have 5 min. to get there on time?!?!? And... road construction was going on in the school zone with all the morning school traffic They stopped all of us so that 4 dump trucks could drive up to the side street, manuever to back up onto their road, and get out of the way. Added 5 minutes to my travel, made me extremely late and backed traffic way up! Couldnt they get started at 8:30? Or, I dont know, take a break for 30 min while the school traffic is going on. We all know they don't work a full day. Ugh! Thanks for the comic relief! I needed it because i was feeling rather stressed out for the last few minutes! :)