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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jack's First Word!!!

This week at breakfast, Jack said his first "real word" (he's said "mama" and "dada", but I consider this his first REAL word).


We were at the table eating breakfast, and he pointed to the backyard, where I had just let Toby out, and he emphatically shouted, "ow-sii." Not sure he was being deliberate in this motion and word, I pointed to the backyard and he did it again, with more enthusiasm. Of course Lucy and I burst out in applause, saying "outside" again and again, encouraging him to say it over and over; which he did, much to our delight!

This wasn't a total surprise, for Jack has been making sounds much more often lately, pointing to things, enjoying hearing people say the word for him. What is a surprise is that I looked back in Lucy's scrapbook to see what her early words were, and would you believe "outside" was one of her first words -- not the first, but an early word. And she said it the exact same way Jack does, with sort of a Japanese dialect and pace to it :-)

I wonder what word will be next?!?


  1. Molly will be next. I've been playing him a tape at night. Molly, say Molly Jack Jack :)

  2. So exciting! What was Lucy's first word? Audrey's was "kitty cat".