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Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Bible Suggestions?

I am frustrated with the NKJV Bible I have. I'm spending too much time trying to get the gist of the awkward language and I'm finding myself reluctant to read as much as I want to...

So, I need a new Bible.

I'm fond of the New Living Translation that the pastors use often when scripture is displayed on the screen at church. I talked with John Tanner about his thoughts, and the NLT was his recommendation (that or the TNIV).

Anyone have any suggestions!?!

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  1. We use the English Standard Version (ESV) at our house/church. Adam said it's a more word for word translation (as opposed to the NLT which is more idea for idea). The New Amercan Standard bible is the most literal of all of them; however, it can be difficult to understand, too. Probably the best all-around translation goes to the NIV - that's your safest bet. If your pastors use the NLT, then you might as well go with that one :-) Good luck!