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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poor Jack

We're home! Home sweet home. We love our "White Christmas" out in the snow in Steamboat Springs, CO. But no matter how fun a trip can be, it's always nice coming home.

We're unpacked, Christmas tree and decor is packed up, and we're drooling over the prospect of getting in our own bed for sweet dreams tonight! Jason's taking a half day tomorrow so we can finish up any little things that are required for us to be officially back in the swing of things! I'm very grateful for the help!


We snapped some really great shots of the kids while in Steamboat, and I attempted one last little photoshoot before heading out.

Although I didn't get quite what I was aiming for, I did, nonetheless, get some priceless pics. Lucy, ever the bossy rule-follower, was quite willing to pose, but once she started ordering Jack around, he fell out of spirit right away.

What resulted is quite clear, as you can see...poor jack!

Lucy, going in for the kill..."Come here, Jack, for picture" (repeated over and over) :-)

just pitiful!

Jack's eyes pleading, "Mom, can't you do SOMETHING?"

Oh, so funny...and Lucy really was trying to be loving. Gotta love it!

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