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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heading to Key West

Yea!!! The surprise has been revealed - I don't have to work so hard to keep it quiet anymore! Phew!

I've surprised Jason today with his 29th birthday present-we're heading to Key West, FL tomorrow! And we're going ALONE! My parents are kindly watching Jack and Lucy for us while we're gone. What will we do with ourselves?!?

We've only been on one trip by ourselves since having Lucy, two and a half years ago -- a camping trip. Loved the company we were with-a big group of our friends all headed out together- but HATED camping (and the strong storm system that killed several people in Arkansas making it through our camp was the worst of it -- soaked us through the ENTIRE first night there).

I had been camping before, before I started college, and after that didn't think I'd ever do it again. But this camping trip came up with our Huntsville friends and it was going to be my first time away after nursing Lucy for a year, and I was ready to go anywhere, even camping! ;-)

So, anyway, Jason and I will really benefit from some away time, alone! And Key West is a really special part of our story of "Us". We met freshman year in college at Auburn, but with Jason co-oping every other semester, he was there, then gone, there, then gone. Well, we bumped into each other while out celebrating St. Pattie's Day during our Senior Year. Spring Break was the next week, and lo and behold, both of us were going to Key West with our friends. So, we got to begin dating in Key West. And you know how the story goes from there...happily married, two beautiful babies, and hopefully more in the next year!

Can't wait to revisit this place! We're staying a block away from Duvall Street, in this adorable house. I'm looking forward to celebrating Jason's birthday in a way we'll not get to do for many more years! Happy Birthday, Jason! I love you so much!

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