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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Whew, what a day - a great day, though. Jason and I left Steamboat Springs early this morning at 6:30 to drive south about two hours to go to Keystone (which is about an hour away from Denver). We've arrived back in Steamboat, just before 9:30pm; it's been a full day!

We were meeting up with Jason's aunt and uncle, Scotty and Paula. We LOVE hanging out with them, and hanging out with them while skiing, even better! My parents graciously watched Jack and Lucy so Jason and I could be free - woohoo!

I've never skied anywhere other than Steamboat, so I was very excited to try out somewhere new. I loved it! Keystone has great, wide open blue runs, it's a very well managed mountain, and there were lots of neat little things like music being played on speakers bordering runs, night skiing options, and free granola bars. Isn't that fun?!?

I took an awkward spill when Paula's and my skis interlocked coming off the lift, completely due to my blabbering on and on about something I'm sure. But, as I fell, my knee twisted terribly and I'm feeling it now for sure. Then, a young punk skied right into me on my last run of the day, plowing us both over. Good thing that was my last run anyway, because I was sure shot after that. But it was super fun, I loved skiing somewhere new, and we had an awesome time with our family!

If you're ever out this way, I highly recommend a trip to Keystone!

And, we were so busy skiing and swapping stories, we totally forgot to take a picture. :-(

I missed my kiddos so much, though...I'm on my way upstairs to give Lucy and Jack a "sleepy kiss."


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  1. Keystone is my favorite!!! I would love to get up to Steamboat someday though.