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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Need a Pet Sitter?

I have a wonderful recommendation to make for anyone who needs someone to watch their pet while they're out of town.

We used Cindy Forrest, owner of C & S Pet Care, for the first time this Christmas while we were away. She came twice a day to our house to care for Toby. Her rates are super reasonable, actually the best around ($13 for a 15 minute visit, $18 for 30 minute visit, which includes walk) and the best part, is that she brings in your mail, takes out the trash, turns different lights on and off as well as opening and closing blinds so your house isn't obviously "still and empty" for robbers to take note of.

Our vet charges $20 a day for boarding, so when you consider your pet is comfortable in your own home - which is being looked after- I think this is a much better way to go.

Cindy came to our house for a meeting before we left town, to go over her services and meet us and Toby. She is very warm, professional, and THOROUGH. She had thought of things we hadn't even though of!

She left a detailed log of what she observed during her visits, gave Toby his heartworm medicine when it arrived in the mail, and called us several times while we were gone with status updates.

So, keep her in mind for your future vacations; I highly recommend her!

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  1. If she came twice a day was it $13 per visit or $13 for the day for two visits?