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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a great weekend with our friends, the Ledbetters! Grant and Lucy played so well together (they're going to have a blast this summer down at the beach together when our families vacation at Splash :-), and we all had a great trip together.

We lunched at Rosie's on Saturday (I mean, it's a must right to take out of town company there to experience the yummy food :-), and then Laura and I took Grant and Lucy to EarlyWorks. THis was actually our first time there too. They loved Biscuit's Playhouse best. The dads took the "Jacks" home and caught the basketball game between 'Bama and Auburn (War Eagle!) I think that made their afternoon to not only get to skip out on the kids museum, but squeak out some sports-viewing too :-)

But my very favorite moment of the weekend was the kids were doing arts and crafts at the table Saturday morning -- something was causing Lucy much frustration and thus, much whining ensued...Grant announced, "This girl sure whines A LOT!" Hilarious!!! True, true, Grant, very true! Thanks for calling her out!

Here are some snapshots from the weekend:

Lucy woke up to find a visitor in her room Saturday morning!

Decorating Cookies for Valentine's Day!

Lucy was really into the sprinkles!

Grant has long since left the table, but Lucy's still enjoying the mess and cookies! Look at all the sprinkles! Hehe Even Toby couldn't handle the "cleanup" all on his own... :-)


The little "Jacks" got in on the action!

Bedtime story!

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  1. Fun! Good to know about Early Works, we've never been there either (well, except that our reception was there!)! I'm sure Grant would have the same thing to say about Audrey too. ;)