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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friends in town this weekend

My college roomate and good friend, Laura, and her husband and two kids -- Grant and Jack -- are on their way to visit us this weekend. They live in Atlanta, and they're braving the "winter weather" (LOL!) to come see us. Back in November, they were scheduled to come see us, but both our "Jacks" came down with an illness the day before they were set to come. So, it didn't happen then. And it almost didn't happen today, what with all this yucky precip. we have. But, we're staying above 32 degrees, just barely, so we'll make it I think! :-)

I've got some Valentine's themed arts and crafts for the older kids, Grant and Lucy, to do tomorrow, and I thought frosting homemade cookies would be fun too. Here's a pic of Lucy helping me make the dough (she's is in a phase where she INSISTS on wearing either her "princess dress" (a dress with a tutu) or her purple tutu. As you will see...

And as far as sleeping arrangements, Lucy's not even three and she's shackin' up with a boy! Grant is sleeping in her room on the trundle bed. :-)

Should be a very fun weekend with our friends. I think this will be the first company we've had in this house that isn't related to us...

Exciting things were also in the works this week as our family has celebrated the births of two beautiful babies...My sister-in-law and Jason's brother, Justin, welcomed baby Sophia Wednesday, and Jason's cousin Lisa and her husband Josh welcomed baby Olivia. Everyone is doing great!

Baby Sophia

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