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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Betcha' can't eat just one!

As the saying goes, "You learn something new every day." Well, what I learned today is a valuable lesson for me, indeed.

It started with a planned trip to Walmart after church. As opposed to most times I venture into Walmart WITH the kids (which I try to avoid if possible), having a negative attitude and little hope of avoiding one or both kids crying about something, today I actually had a bright outlook. I thought the trip would be a breeze...I had brought a candy cane for the kids to split. I figured while they were sucking away I could pick up the few items I needed in no time flat since we wouldn't have to be stopping to handle any meltdowns.

Well, my "breeze" of a trip turned into a bit of a tornado.

Jack and Lucy absolutely devoured the candy cane before we had been in the store even three minutes. My kids were like starved sea creatures sucking up their food, while a mixture of blue colored saliva mixed with candy cane food coloring dripped down their chins.

And their cries when I sheepishly announced that I didn't have anymore were worse than their cries ever could have been if I hadn't brought a candy cane at all. There were lots of tears from both of them. And Jack, who loves food more than anything else in the world, was absolutely inconsolable.

I thought about heading to the candy aisle and breaking into a bag of goodies, but I decided I had already caved once -- bringing candy to the store in the first place, bribing my children to behave; I wasn't going to do it again. They'd just have to "put their big girl panties on" and deal with it.

So I was "that mother" in the store today. But you know, it really only lasted a few moments before they figured out I couldn't make candy canes magically appear. And like all tantrums and fits, it was over pretty quickly as soon as they stopped getting any attention from it.

And really, how long can you stay mad at a face like this:

Before heading out to church this morning, I thought she looked so adorable. This was her refusing to look at me for a picture, but the shot turned out kind of neat...

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