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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dual purpose gift

I've been wanting a digital photo frame for a long time, and this year, my mother-in-law was kind enough to give me one. I love watching all the pics (all 742) I uploaded, reminding me of days past before Lucy could talk, specifically, before she could yell phrases amidst large crowds like, "Hey Daddy! Mommy and I just went pee pee, and Mommy went POOP!" That was this morning as we were leaving Costco.

But, beyond just me enjoying it, I've discovered an added benefit of having one now...it's a free babysitter.

Lucy will watch the pictures rotate and change, endlessly, until we tell her it's time to go do something else...

So, thanks Barbara...I love my gift and the minutes of peace I get when Lucy gets entranced :-)

Another favorite gift I received this Christmas was from my mom (who is a wonderful gift giver, who files any little comment you may have made from even LONG, long ago, about a certain thing you may be interested in) who gave me a portable warming tray. I'm excited to use it this Saturday night at our Cooking Party.

I think Lucy's favorite gift was her Super Why little "computer" toy, and Jack just loves turning any of his toys into a hammer and banging things. ;-)

Hope your Christmases were just as wonderful as ours!


  1. Well, my Adam loves his new digital frame as well! I gave him one for Christmas (for his office). I thought he'd like to look upon "his girls" all day at work :-) So far, it's a hit!

  2. I think I might ask for one of those frames for Mother's Day - I've been eyeing yours, Elaine's and Kyllie's and thinking I need one too! :) Those pictures of Lucy are so sweet!