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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

in case your curious...

A picture Jason took yesterday

view from up top :-)

trail map...

I headed out today for my first day on the slopes -- it was awesome! I got my "ski legs" back with ease, much to my surprise. I went out this morning by myself while Jason watched the kids. Solitude is so very nice, especially when it's just me and the mountain. At one point I was actually a little nervous, for I found myself the single, solitary skier headed down a run. For a moment, I wondered if I had accidentally gotten myself off the beaten path. But the ski tracks ahead of me must mean something, right? ;-)

Another great thing about skiing alone is that you get to meet and chat up folks while you're on the chair lift. One time I was with some young snowboarders who were cursing like sailors and taking swigs of some kind of alcohol out of a flask. Even offered me some...I went up with another snowboarder another time, and she cursed like a sailor too. Maybe there's something to the stereotype of snowboarders being a little "punkish..." who knows? :-)

Jason joined me after lunch while the kids took their nap, and it was so much fun to ski with him. We really enjoyed our time together, and now that I can keep up with him on the slopes it's even more fun.

I'm already feeling the soreness set in, despite the tylenol I took BEFORE I headed out (and despite the Fat Tire I consumed as soon as we got home ;-). But, it's all worth it; I forget how much fun skiing is until I get out there and do it.

The Olympic Trials are taking place; started today and continue tomorrow. It's super fun to watch!

If you're considering planning a ski trip, I highly recommend here...It's super family-friendly (although you could blow some serious money keeping your kids entertained with kids' ski school :-), it's far enough away from Denver (3 hours) that you don't get heavy crowds of day-trippers. I haven't had to wait at a ski lift yet :-), and the mountain is fantastic for skiing. Check out the website for more info if you're curious.

Merry 'almost' Christmas!

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