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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mouth Filter

Jason and I often say how great it is to hear Lucy talking, how fun it is to communicate with her, be able to understand her, yada yada...

Well, yesterday at Costco, I found myself wishing that she'd keep some things to herself...

I bravely took both kids with me to Costco, and surprisingly, we had a very successful trip. (And by "successful" I mean that we avoided any kind of complete public meltdown--by the children or myself ;-).

Feeling light in spirit, I decided to celebrate our happy shopping trip by grabbing lunch there at the cafeteria (hey pizza slice!). The table and chairs area was PACKED, so I decided to just leave Lucy and Jack strapped in the front of the buggy area, as Costco carts have spaces for TWO kiddos to sit and be strapped in-awesome! So Lucy and Jack are at an elevated level, perched above eye level of the adults who are sitting down at the tables. (Little did I know this heightened elevation would serve as a wonderful platform for Lucy to let herself be heard...)

As I'm cutting up the pizza, I hear Lucy make a sound that's a mix between a gasp and a frustrated squeal...

Then, an exasperated cry, "I LOST MY BOOGER! I LOST MY BOOGER!"

No fewer than twenty people turned in our direction - many of them with food mid-way to their mouth- to stare at my daughter. I can't honestly say what the general reaction was; I just didn't notice. I'm sure most of the men thought it was hilarious, any "moms" present would understand and probably chuckled, and the other kids there, well, I'm sure they could empathize with Lucy and her loss. Me, I covered my open-wide mouth and laughed harder than I have in a long while.

Of all the things that could have gotten lost during our shopping trip (I've lost A shoe from the kids' feet before in Target-so annoying, lost my keys once in Ross-that was a nightmare; lost my credit card at a gas station before), at least we lost something that didn't require finding!

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