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Thursday, December 17, 2009

cheeky vets

here's something that really "gets my goat" (and if you're curious where that idiom comes from, click here. I always loved our unit on idioms and finding out where they originated from, very interesting :-)...

For as long as I can remember, I bought Toby's (our dog) heart worm medicine online for a MUCH less expensive price than the vet charged. My online 6-month supply was $19.95 for the generic medicine, while at the vet, a six-month supply ran about $50. Total that difference up over the span of years, and it makes quite a difference.

Well, I went to reorder next year's supply last week, and now you have to have a prescription to send in to the online company...hummmmm, that's odd I thought. But I placed my order, then called my vet to get them to fax in toby's prescription.

"Dr. Lindermann doesn't do online prescriptions."

Ah, yes, I see where this is going. So, I ask why...the nurse/vet's assistant tries to convince me that there are several reasons I should buy from their office.

1) you never know where the medicine comes from (that may be true, but unless they're manufacturing the same medicine in the back of the building, then how is their shipment that arrives any different from where I order online?!?)

2) if we always buy from them, and toby does get heartworm for some reason, the pharmaceutical company will cover the cost to treat him. (Nice offer, but what are the chances of that happening if I give him the preventative treatments regularly?)

and 3) it would take too much time for the vet to research the online company I wanted to buy from to make sure it's safe. (wait, don't I pay him to take care of my dog...wouldn't this be considered in the line of work he does!?! Seriously, when I had a student with Asperger's, I didn't tell the parents, "Sorry, it'd take too much time for me to research your son's condition in order to better teach him and meet his needs." Give me a break!

I was annoyed -- highly annoyed at this brash rule I was being forced to follow. I called our old vet (we changed vets when we moved "over the mountain" to a closer vet) and said I'd transfer back if he'd give me online Rx paperwork, but they charged $15 for that. Upon calling several other vets in town, I was uber frustrated to find out they all either charge for that service or don't do it at all!

Have they forgotten that we, as OWNERS of our animals, ultimately have the right to the care and treatment our pets receive! I should be able to order medicine for my dog from wherever I choose, no questions asked! It's MY DOG! If I should make a poor decision in where I buy my medicine, then it's on me, you know. (And not that I take Toby's health lightly in the first place, but I don't loose any sleep at night over the fact that I give him generic Rx. I mean, seriously, don't many of us choose generics for ourselves? I know I do -- saves a lot of money.

So, if human doctors allow patients to have a generic option -- as they should!- it goes without saying that animal doctors should allow the same. This "let's-all-ban-together-as-a-whiny-union-and-refuse-to-behave-decently-AND-get-the-online-companies-in-on-it" attitude is obnoxious.

But back to my phone conversation with the vet lady...I asked her, very politely, to have Dr. Lindermann call me please at his convenience. I wanted to discuss with him my suggestion that he should at least meet me halfway in the middle pricewise between the online price and their office price. Very reasonable suggestion I thought, considering they left me no other choice...

And of course, he NEVER CALLED ME BACK!

So, I, never being one to compromise my principals, found a way around this...

I ordered my generic heartworm medicine from Canada, at PetDrugs.com It was $19.99 for a six-month supply, and free shipping to boot!

Suck it, Lindermann Animal Hospital. ;-)


  1. I had the same problem with Gusser's meds - and try dealing with it when you're living in Australia and your dog is in MI! GRRRRR! I was able to get the meds from an Australian website and ship them to my mom, so it all worked out, but what a pain! The vet told Josh when he called that the reason that they didn't write the prescriptions for the online company is because they have some kind of exclusivity contract with the companies that supply them the heartworm to sell. Annoying!

  2. Way to go Kelly! I would have done the same thing as you...now can you send your current vet a bill for how much time you had to spend figuring out all of that stuff and all of the phone calls? sheesh!