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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jack's one year photoshoot

I am so so lucky to have my friend Casey in my life! Not only is she a great friend and so fun to be around, but she is an amazing photographer! A few years ago we took some photography classes together, and she discovered her knack for taking great photos while I discovered I needed to take more classes ;-)

She took Jack's one year pictures this past Friday, and I'm so excited to share the pictures with you - they're beautiful!


I'm going to brag on her some more because she is unlike any other photographer I've found in that her photography session package includes a CD of TONS of photos, all touched up and given to you in a variety of tones: regular color, black and white, simply vintage. And the best part is you have unrestricted printing, so you don't have to fool around with picking certain images for a la carte printing and the heavy prices that usually come along with it. I use adoramapix to print off my enlargements, and it's very reasonable and great quality prints! Then I wait until Hobby Lobby has their open backed frames on sale (which they are now, btw) and frame all my favorite photos. Anyhow, she's amazing, and if you're looking for someone to photograph your precious angels, I highly recommend her. Half of my friends would rave about her work too! :-)

I'm about to go make a collage of the photos of just Lucy-there are so that just take my breath away, they're so beautiful! She looks like an angel to me, and well she is, so that's pretty fitting :-)

Speaking of angels, last night while putting Jack to sleep (after his fun birthday party event-more to come on that later, there's a HYSTERICAL story to share, but I've got to get the video to upload to do it justice, and that's no easy feat for me), Jack kept waving in different directions while I was rocking him. I know he likes to wave and all now that he's learned what that is, but I'd like to think that he's waving to his guardian angels that are watching out for him. For he is surely a child that needs so angels keeping him safe...

(like I said, more to come on that :-)


  1. Precious - both of them are just adorable.

  2. awwww...what adorable children you have, Kelly! Love the photos!