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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jack and Lucy

I promise, I do have intentions of posting about things other than my children, but then I take a few pictures of them hanging around (pics from this morning) and they turn out so darn cute, I have to post them! :-)

We're just a few days away from heading out to Steamboat, CO for our Christmas Vacation. Lucy is very excited to go to "Papa's snow house," and Jason is like a kid on Christmas Eve as he awaits getting on his skis. Me? I'm just excited for a change of pace and new environment. And I can't wait to see Jack's reaction to the snow!

Jack: "Hold my hand?!? Whatever, Lucy!"

"But I still love you!"

"My darling Lucy!"
Watching Barney...what a face! :-)

Have a great day!


  1. why would you want to post about anything other than your children??? They are so adorable

  2. I love seeing pictures of them so post away!