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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Recap

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

We enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! It was like a little mini-vacation, as we escaped to Smith Lake to spend part of the weekend with our friends Amy and Julian Billings at their cozy lake house. (Smith Lake is West of Cullman; it was about a two-hour drive from our house.)

This is a beautiful lake; I especially loved the rocky bluffs. We enjoyed so much yummy food, as Amy is a fantastic cook, and experienced a fun new game called "Last Word" - at least I think that's what it's called. I was quite rotten at it, actually, and came in last place by a long shot ;-)

This was really neat: at the marina gas station, they keep pets - the biggest "some-kind-of-fish" I've ever seen (bigger than the ones at Big Spring Park even) - and you can feed them crackers through a baby bottle. THey'll come right up and latch on and suck from the bottle. Lucy had a blast feeding them. Very cool fun!

When we arrived Sunday morning, we were welcomed with torrential downpours, but by three o'clock that afternoon, the clouds broke and we enjoyed a PERFECT rest of the day!

Boat Ride!!!!

Jack missed out on this little ride, as he was wisely getting his rest inside the house. Big sister, on the other hand, would not nap, and thus, was out cold by the end of the boat ride, snuggly in Daddy's arms... ;-)

And being the sweet Dad that he is, Jason stayed put for quite a while after we docked so Lucy could get her beauty sleep ;-)

Jack's awake! He LOVED bobbing around in the raft, just chillin' ;-) (There's Amy and sweet Charlie - who was born on the exact same day in the same hospital as our Lucy ;-)

Lucy's awake and ready to play also!

*I love the grey sky in the back...around 5:30, another round of rain came through briefly.

Jack was quite a handful on the dock because all he wanted to do was run around, and he certainly didn't want anyone holding onto him!

And Monday it was time to leave one party and head to another one - the Postma's Pool Party!

Lucy and Jack started out the day like this - crying and not wanting to go near the water...

but by the end of the afternoon, it was quite a different story:

Jack loved everything about the water!


and Lucy was literally jumping off the side to Jason! Jack was jumping too, and he'd even drop all the way in the water before coming up!

swinging around and around - weeeeee!

Can you believe it's June!!!!! Jack turns exactly one and a half today! Happy Half-Birthday, Jack!

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  1. Awesome pictures! Love Lucy's patriotic bikini and how precious is she sleeping? Happy 18 months sweet Jack!