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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny Lucy Comment and Jack's 18-month photos

LOVED this dialogue I had with Lucy this morning:

Jack, Lucy, and I were sitting on her mattress (because an accident means morning laundry ;-( and I was clipping their fingernails. I finished Jack's right hand, and of course he tried to get away as soon as that was done. I sat him back down on my lap, and said, "Nope, buddy, we've got one more hand to do. God gave us two hands..."

Lucy - who was jumping near the end of the daybed, piped into the conversation, saying, "Yes, and two legs too!"

Me: "That's right, Lucy, two legs..."

Lucy: "And God gave us a butt too!"

Me: (ROFL!) "Where did you learn that, Lucy?"

Lucy: very thoughtful and quiet for about five or six seconds, then, "From Jesus."

Love it!

So, here are Jack's 18 month pictures my friend Ashley Turnbull took. We were at the Church of the Nativity on the downtown square - love the setting! Now, which ones for frames!?!

thumb and rubbing nose...SOOOO Jack!

I LOVE this one!


Sweet little people!

My parents will say this looks JUST like me when I was a kid!

I love this one!

Fun pic!

love the effect in this one!

Jack was waving at a plane!

LOL! He was not diggin' this setting!

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  1. Please ask Lucy to ask Jesus why God keeps making my butt larger :-)