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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we've been up to lately...

Our nieghb0rhood pool is open - and has been for a while, actually - and on Saturday morning, we finally made it up there to play and swim!

Jack is absolutely FEARLESS in the water...his favorite thing to do was walk all the way down the shallow end, and when the water got to his nose, he'd just keep on walkin'...jeez!

Lucy and Jack continue to love jumping to us off the edge. Jack even does this little bouncy thing before jumping in - so stinkin' cute!!!!!

Last night, we had some fun with fingerpaints! This was Jack's first time playing with finger paints, and much to our surprise, didn't try to eat the paint!

Lucy started VBS (Vacation Bible School) today, or "Go 'N Grow" as it's called at our Church (Cove Church). I was volunteering with the older groups, so I only got to see her in the opening and closing section when everyone was together. It was so sweet - she just kept waving to me from across the room, and flashed me her big beautiful smile several times! She was so excited to go! When we were going back home, she kept telling me she wanted to go back to church! ;-) Lucky for her, there are two more days of go 'n grow!

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  1. Could your kiddos be any more photogenic? Seriously SO cute! Audrey RUNS from the camera! Glad the family pic turned out well! ;)