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Saturday, June 5, 2010

in nyc...

I've been absent from the blog for a few days...I guess it got a little hectic getting ready to be away from home for four days, but I'm here in New York now! Our girls group - there are 5 of us - arrived yesterday morning, and we're already having more fun that we can stand! ;-)

Last night was a unique surprise for me...turns out that a little girl who I used to babysit (who's not so little anymore, she's 24!) now lives in NY and has her own fashion line, Show Me Your Mumu, and they were having a party (on a roof top at a great hotel), launching her new season. (She's the gorgeous brunette in the website photos) So we went to the party and enjoyed $11 glasses of wine and drinks. Very fun and very "new york" as my friends remarked.

Tonight, we're going to Wicked and then hitting the "night life" with Hetal's cousin who's going to show us around. Tiffany about fainted when we were told that things started getting good around 1am...will be a late night (if we can keep her awake ;-)

Can't wait to post pics!

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