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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

America's Funniest Home Videos

Oh boy, it's been a day with Jack.

He got cream cheese all over his hair during breakfast this morning, and he was going to be photographed wearing an adorable, hand sewn outfit at 11am for the magazine Sew Beautiful, so I had to get him clean.

I decided to just take him in the shower with me. Realizing if I brought him in as soon as I got in, he'd be clean and then be stuck waiting for me to take my shower, so I decided the best course of action was to strip him down and let him play in the bathroom while I took my shower; then I'd bring him in with me to get him clean. Fortunately for me, Super Why was keeping Lucy entertained on my bed...

It was a fine plan until Jack decided to squat like a dog and have diarrhea -runny, chunky diarrhea - all over the bathroom rug and tile floor (the rug in front of Jason's sink thank goodness ;-) while I was putting conditioner in my hair.

UGH!...It's all down his leg, and he's looking at me unsure what to do, pointing and grunting at the crap all over the floor. So, my naked self lysol'ed the floor with wipes, and then cleaned both of us off in the shower. Nasty, nasty, nasty; the shower didn't really help me feel any cleaner.

These little events are the low points in a SAHM's given day... ;-)

Anyhow, the photo shoot went great, and Jack's been a doll - if not a bit rowdy - all day.

Well, fast forward to after dinner. Lucy and I were doing a follow-up art activity to Friday's Pray 'N Play lesson, and Jack and Jason were playing around on the floor. Jason happened to be videotaping bits of their play, and I'm so very glad he got this bit on camera as well:

*You should know that although you can't see Jack, he's standing on the couch above Jason, who's lying down on the floor. When Jason calls, "Toby," note how Toby looks up (to locate where Jack is) before he locks eyes with Jason. And then, well, you'll be able to figure out what happens...so hilarious!

(If you can't figure out what happens, read below the video link...)

Our rowdy, rough Jack leaped off the couch and onto Jason's stomach. And since Jack was behind Jason on the couch, and Jason was filming Toby, he had no idea what Jack was about to do... ;-0

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  1. LMAO at the first story! That Jack is always pooping isn't he? :) Love the video too, poor Jason!