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Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Pray 'n Play

About a month ago, I blogged (at the end of post) about an idea I had for a summer activity called Pray 'n Play.

The first one took place two days ago, on Friday. Lots of families were out of town or busy with VBS, so we only had 5 kids and mommies who were able to come, but that actually turned out to be a nice sized group. I can't imagine how it will be different when we have a full house with the 11 families that are interested in participating - whew!

Our first lesson focused on teaching the kids that everything God made is good, learning about Creation, and thanking God for everything that he made.

In this first pic, the kids were finding examples of things outside that God made, and then we sang a song.

This is what they looked like when I began singing to teach them the song: LOL!

The craft involved them making their favorite animal...Gavin's was really good ;-)

They had snacks cut out in the shape of the moon, oranges and apples to symbolize the sun and the stars (the star-like shape you'd find in the center of an apple, although I forgot to tell Jason to cut the apple leaving the star, so we missed that point - hehe)

It was great having an hour after the lesson to talk with other moms and have quiet time to focus on what we can do to strengthen our marriages, to be even better mommies, and pray specifically for our kids and some of the things they're struggling with.

I can't wait for next Friday's!

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