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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little "Davids" vs. Goliath

I just have to share these precious pictures of the kids from Friday's Pray 'N Play. The lesson focused on David versus Goliath, and the kids learned that no matter how small they are, God has big plans for them and made them "to do good works."

They learned a cute song (to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man?):

"God made us all to do good works, to do good works, to do good works,
God made us all to do good works, and help our friends each day!"

I'm not sure which the kids enjoyed more: making their "armor" or making food "stones" like the ones David pelted at Goliath.

The armor was a super fun craft, and the kids got really into it! Emma Kate's was super embellished - a girl after my own heart!

Our little warriors!

And here are the "stones:"

We created them using a mixture of crushed vanilla wafers, coconut, powdered sugar, and a bit of thawed OJ concentrate. They were delicious! I think Jason ate at least four "stones!"

Pray 'N Play has been going wonderfully, and I'm so impressed with how the kids are remembering what we talk about week to week.

The adults chuckled at how popular this lesson is for preschoolers, yet, it's quite violent. In the pictures from the children's bible we showed the kids, David is deliberately positioned so as to cover the fallen Goliath - minus his head, which had been chopped off by David.

Ah, what precious little blessings!

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