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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Blog World again!

Well, it's so good to be back; I've missed this.  And to my family scattered all about from Florida to South Carolina, all the way to Brendan kickin' in down in Mexico, I'm sorry for the lack of cuteness in pics and crazy stories that you haven't been able to read about for a few months.

I didn't want to stop blogging; like so many things, it just happened, as the free time I did have kept dwindling.  I'm going to blame it on my two-year-old who never, ever stops eating.  Yes, it's his fault - I never have time to blog because I'm always making food for Connor  :)

Or I could blame it on Lucy and the many, many talks and "dishing-out-punishment" discussions we've had every time she's earned an "X" in kindergarten this year (lots of discussions, in case you didn't know) :).    I can't blog because I have to spend all my time disciplining her and working hard to "train her up in the way she should go." 

Or perhaps Jack, sweet Jack.  Maybe it's his fault because I have to keep refereeing the ludicrous tattle-telling he has been doing lately.  Yep, that's it, I can't blog because I spend too much time listening to his whining about how a friend just "called him a muffin!"  (Yep, that one happened a few days ago.  A little boy called him a "muffin" and I had to hear about it.  My eyes were simply not big enough for the eye-rolling that could have no way been prevented in the face of such a stupid statement!  I suggested just calling the other kid a croissant :)

I jest; there's certainly no blame.  Truth is, it really was just free time slipping away.  It's a wonderful, wonderful blessing, as I LOVE all my little students who come for tutoring, but I currently tutor every day - including Saturdays - for 2 to 3 hours each day after school.  So, free time during the day is quickly spent up with lesson planning and all the other responsibilities I have just keeping things movin' along :)  And I'm still teaching aerobics classes many mornings a week; love it!  And I love Tuesday mornings volunteering at Owens Cross Roads Elementary.  Connor thinks he's a movie star, for when we go visit and read with the kids (who use Ipads), they excitedly shout out his name from all directions of the classroom, as they push icons snapping his photo, most of the time catching him just sucking on and drooling from his large lollipop that he's been given as that's how we make it through our time together.  Connor is quiet because the giant Blow Pop takes up the entirety of his tiny mouth.  :)  And in the evenings, when Jason's home, I like to listen to all the intellectual and strategic issues he has going on with his two jobs.   Jason and I lead a Cgroup through which we've met some awesome new friends, and  I love my weekly bible study; precious, precious rejuvenating time with the Lord and some really amazing women .  Then it's a True Blood episode before bed, and the day is done!  :)  It can feel a busy life at times, but it's one I cherish and find so much joy in. 

But, I miss this, and like all things we consider important or fun... we make time for it.

I have this story/question for y'all.  Has anyone ever had their child french kiss their cheek?  This happened to me last night.  It was bedtime, and as I went to embrace Lucy she just went all ape on my cheek. Startled, I broke away, looked at her and asked her just what the heck was she doing to me.  And she answered, giggling - I really should not be surprised - "That's how grown-ups kiss! (hehe)"  Good gracious!  I am beginning to seriously wonder if my friends with boys her age will at some point stop being friends with me because they fear Lucy's influence on their precious, innocent little boys.  I just hope she saw it on tv somewhere and does not know this first-hand!  :)  I mean, I was fourteen before I had my first kiss, so this is just a bit much for me!  :)

And this as we were coming up with her list of kids she'd like to invite to her 6th birthday party happening in a few weeks...Four of the first five names she gave me were all boys.  If you receive an invitation, I promise it's not a "spin the bottle" party.  Very G rated...and there will be supervision at all times!  :)

I'll post a few pics, favorite ones from the past few month to give you a jist, and coming up in blogs later this week, I'll cover other stuff going on to get you caught up...let's see, so a recap of all my heart and knee drama from that's taken four months to be resolved, our super fun ski trip that we'll not soon forget, news with Jason's Arch Patent company, lots more pics, and just the regular stuff from our regular life!  Hopefully, there will be a new member of our family soon (No, I'm not pregnant :), but we're looking forward to having a dog once again.  Keep coming back!

Jack turned 4 in Dec:

Christmas home in Huntsville was wonderful!

My fun Bunco group at our Ugly Sweater Holiday gathering:

Right before the end of the year, Jack announced he wanted his training wheels taken off.  He seriously loves riding his bike!

Jason built some awesome, awesome, beautiful furniture for our home.  This farmhouse table for the kitchen.

and this beautiful sideboard to go with

we've enjoyed family visits

 Lucy and Grandpa

This one is still as spirited as ever; love her!

She loves school, everything about it.  She's learning to read and making steady progress.  Super independent and self-reliable.  Wakes up to her own alarm clock, comes downstairs ready for the day, and is a huge help watching out for her little brothers.  Loves to help!  She even changes Connor's diapers by herself.  She can get him up on the diaper changing table (they climb up on chairs) and then she stands on the chair to take care of business.  I'm very proud of her!  I don't advocate this as a regular thing, but hey sometimes on Sunday morning, when trying to get out the door to church, it sure comes in handy!

 Connor turned 2 in Feb.

He's emotional, fierce, talkative, and super snuggly!  Precious!

And he can sleep anywhere!

Love hanging out with friends...

Lucy still loves dolls.  Thanks, Baba, for the matching pj's and doll clothes :)

 Jack's best friend, Sam.  Sweet kids :)

We throw rocks in the creek a lot:


Jack had a hard time with the whole egg hunt thing.  While he's definitely the heart and soul of the family, he tends to be a little overly sensitive at times.  :(

And more eating...this is how Connor tackles soup :)

 Happy, happy kiddo!

From Christmas:  we loved having Brendan visit!
 and Uncle Ryan!
   Grammy T came to see us from Buffalo

Ice skating!!!


 Papa 'n Lady

Lucy's main squeeze at school.  Her teacher's son :)

Taking time to enjoy life!

jack and Jason went to the monster truck show!

Just last weekend for Easter


  1. Glad you are back up and running. I know Bubs always got his updates here...and we always love hearing the stories from your perspective.

  2. Love the great big update and all the pics! :)

  3. Love the great big update and all the pics! :)

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I always enjoy your comments and appreciate you reading it!

  4. So glad you are back! You really are such a talented writer. I'm laughing out loud at this post about Lucy kissing your cheek - too funny! And the muffin tattle was priceless.