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Sunday, April 7, 2013

You shouldn't be missing...

Here's my 2 cents :)

You shouldn't be missing (in random order, because that's how I think :) :

1.  Soma bras and underwear.  Especially the vanishing edge series - amazing!

2.  The song, "Beautiful Things" by Gungor

3.  Breaking Bad, tv show on AMC.  Be sure you've caught up with all 5 seasons by this summer when the final 8 episodes of the series airs.  (Molly Back - you totally have to have that party with all those awesome ideas you had for it!  I'll help!  Let's get a screen up in the cul-de-sac, for real :)

4.  Also tv show, Downton Abbey.  But be careful, you'll find yourself taking on a British accent and saying things like posh and alerting your family of dinner with a dressing gong.

5.  The outdoors!  Huntsville is so beautiful in spring.  I loved how Jason remarked about the Huntsvile stamp of colors with the beautiful lavender red buds, exciting bright green foliage, and soft white sparks on the Bradford Pears.  Well, he didn't use those adjectives, per say.  He just said it was really pretty driving over Cecil Ashburn.  :)

6.  Crock pot cooking:  my fav new recipe, Honey Sesame Chicken.  Easy and everyone will want seconds, so make double :)

7.  A chance to tell your spouse how much you love them!

8.  A comfy pair of flip flops.

9.  Dining al fresco somewhere at Bridgestreet.  I recommend the Scene's sweet potato fries, or Cantina's guacamole dip.

10.  A quick email to your child's teacher thanking them for the hard work and love they pour into your little one.

11.  If you have boys, watching them throw rocks in a creek :)

12.  Smoked Salmon.  (I served this over the weekend and forgot how darn yummy it was!)

Another week ahead...hope it's a wonderful one for ya!


  1. Love that you are back blogging. Honey Sesame Chicken is in the crock pot for dinner tonight ;)