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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A bridesmaids dress you'll actually wear again!

While reading Lauren Tomasella's newest blog post covering a recent wedding she did, I was captivated by the bridesmaids' dresses.  They were so unique and just stunning.

Made me want to get married all over again just so I could use these dresses.  Or better yet, would anyone who likes these dresses like me to be their bridesmaid?!?  Ooh, wait...a vow renewal!  Jason's and my 10-year anniversary will be in June of '14.  :)

Check out these beauties!

What's your favorite color palette?  I love the soft blue hues.  Imagine those in a vintage style wedding!  LOVE!


  1. Love the yellow and all of the details in that wedding (especially the Jenga blocks!)! I love the turquoise and gray dresses! I used pale pink and felt it really washed out a few of my girls and didn't show up well in pics.

  2. Kel...I regret to inform you that we are unable to pay for any additional weddings. You and Jason have already used up your wedding $ allotment.The remaining monies will be spent on Lucy's Tuscan wedding and the hiring of the archangels!