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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tiffany's Baby Shower

I'm so super excited! My very good friend, Tiffany, is due with her third baby in one month. And the gender is a surprise, so I'm especially looking forward to the birth!

Last weekend, Elaine, Molly, and I hosted a "gift-card" themed shower for Tiffany. I came up with the gift card theme because Tiffany is the ultimate shopper. Seriously. I don't know anyone who shops more than her, nor who enjoys shopping more than her. Actually, my mother-in-law may rival Tiffany's passion for shopping, but it's a close call :)

And the gift cards are perfect for several reasons:
1. This way, Tiffany gets to pick out her things.

2. If it's another girl (she and Matt already have two adorable little girls), she can use the gift cards for diapers, wipes, etc. and if it's a boy, then she can go crazy picking out boy clothes. And this will take her an immeasurable amount of time, as she always has her girls perfectly coordinated with their daily outfits. If it is a boy (which I'm really hoping for :), Tiffany will be scouring the Gymboree clothing lines to find things that go with what Audrey and Claire have :)

3. Taking home her "gifts" were super easy and lightweight, as the cards fit into her purse :)

4. Giving a gift card is super easy, so it's nice for the guests too. I did make a suggestion on the invitation to use the stores, Target, Babies R Us, or Gymboree.

At the shower, we all made predictions for the gender, date of birth, and weight. We'll see who the winner is. We also took a "Third Time Around" baby quiz, and wouldn't you know, Tiffany answered the most questions correctly - Perfect!

Here are some pictures from the fun event!

Molly handmade these adorable party favors. They were delicious and almost too adorable to eat!

(The paper and envelopes on the right side are for guests to take home and send Tiffany a congratulations or encouraging message when the baby arrives.

Isn't that an ADORABLE summer maternity dress! I love it!

Diaper Cake! I love making these; they're so fun, and quite simple!

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  1. Gosh Kelly, you make me out to be quite the shopper, LOL! I do put a lot of thought into my girls' outfits though! Thanks again for the wonderful shower, it was just perfect! I love the little touches and can't wait to see who won the contest on baby's gender and stats and can't wait to receive all those notes in the mail! Love ya!