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Friday, June 17, 2011


Connor is four months old today!

We haven't had our four month checkup quite yet, so I'm not sure of his weight, but I can tell you this little guy is all about MOVING around! If you lay him on his tummy, he's flipped over - and back again in a flash. He loves his play mat, although he scoots himself off of it and then gets frustrated :)

My memory is already foggy, but he does seem to be the very happiest of all our kids. He absolutely LOVES to sit in his bumbo atop the table when I tutor. I sit him in front of the student I'm working with, and he just stares, stares, stares, and SMILES! There's one particular 2nd grader I'm working with, and when he reads out loud, Connor coos and giggles - big open mouth smiles. So adorable!

Truly a delightful baby!

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