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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A box of goodies!

Our friends Dave and Jeri just moved to Denver a few weeks ago, but Jeri was kind enough to leave a box of size 5 and 6 clothes for Lucy. And, Lucy, being the fashionista that she is - absolutely FLIPPED OUT when I gave her the box. I gave her the box when she woke up from her nap around 4:30, and I didn't see her the whole time I was getting dinner ready; she was playing in her room. Anyhow, about 5:30, I put dinner on the table and went to get her to join us, and this is what I found:

She was taking out the clothes, piece by piece, and laying out her "styles" she calls them. I think her favorite part was the shoes, and I was so tickled seeing the ensembles she pieced together. My favorite was a bright orange, Charlie Chaplin tshirt with a long, ruffled, purple and white polka dot skirt (which is the "spinniest skirt she got"!) Oh yeah, and the shoes to match, white mark janes.

You can see that outfit in the picture below on the right hand side :)

The silver glittery shoes are my favorite. She was so excited and enthralled with what she was doing, I didn't even make her come eat dinner at that time. I told her she could come eat dinner whenever she was done making her "styles".

It was another half hour before we saw her again :)

Jeri - thanks a million! The clothes are adorable; I can't wait 'til she grows into the "fishbowl" outfit -that one is my favorite! :)


  1. Just LOVE her! I love that she calls them her "styles". :)