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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

picture this...

Connor decided he'd have nothing to do with a nap this afternoon, so while Lucy and Jack slept, I played around with the camera and Connor.

I love these pictures!

Connor is just beginning to give us smiles and big open mouth looks ;-)

Now, this picture below is an interesting look because Lucy had the EXACT same "porpoise lips" when she was little.

I LOVE the sweet, delicate nature of this one...he was looking straight at me.


  1. Love them all - LOVE LOVE the second to last one - he is adorable and such a mini-Lucy!

  2. AMAZING JOB!!!! These pictures are great! I love the lighting! Natural light always makes for the best pics! Connor is so precious! I just love all of them!

  3. Agree with Dawn - the lighting is great on these! In the second one I can see Jack in him! I do see Lucy too though! He is so adorable.

  4. Conner is beautiful! I love these pictures. You have such a precious family! Love reading your blog!