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Monday, April 4, 2011

If not for the grace of God...

I've remarked to friends and family on occasions - usually ones that involve a difficult jack as of lately - that "I'm just surviving; I'm just surviving..."

Well, based on the events that happened yesterday and today, I need to change that pronoun use. I'm now saying, "We're just surviving."

And I mean that literally this time. Grandparents may want to stop reading... ;-)

It's as if Jack is on a mission to self-destruct...yesterday he tried to jump through the small opening at the very top of our swingset, not stopping in the least with every "No Jack! No!" I screamed from the porch where I was nursing Connor, watching Jack and Lucy play. By the third scream, I realized that he was not going to stop his effort to ensure a fall which would no doubt involve a broken neck. I had to pop Connor off, run down to the swingset, and literally grab hold of Jack's foot and pull him down. Heart pounding, I burst into tears; this being the most scared Jack has ever made me. God and His angels were surely looking after us yesterday.

And ironically enough, this morning I was having a conversation with my mom about how difficult "parenting" has been lately, and she remarked, "Yep, along with parenting goes a certain amount of praying because sometimes that's all you can do." She was referring to my brother Brendan who, when he was little, survived a critical 24 hours in a hospital only to crack his head in the waiting room while he was being discharged. They had to be readmitted and sent back for an MRI...

And wouldn't you know, after my mom's wise words, Jack cheated a horrible accident yet again today...Jason and I were in the den, talking about or day with each other - enjoying a quiet moment while the kids were quietly playing together without fighting ;-), when Jack walked into the room, holding a pink razor...which was smeared with blood. Oh...my...God. Lucy follows him, announcing, "Jack was shaving; we were shaving." Jack's lips and cheeks were scratched, but amazingly, not gushing blood. And he wasn't even crying. I can hardly believe Jack was taking a razor to his face, and yet, we're not in the emergency room tonight. Yet, again, if not for the grace of God...I truly believe we'd be so much worse off that we are.

Not that I do, but I will never take praying for the safety of my children lightly...

So, in all seriousness, praise to God for His protection over my family.

And God, if I may ask...would you please send some extra angels our way...Jack is unpredictable at best ;-)

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  1. Oh goodness Kelly - I hope this week will be a little easier on you!