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Saturday, March 26, 2011

end of season sales

It seems people who love to shop get most excited when a new season of clothes is put out for sale; I'm the opposite. My favorite time is when a season has ended, and the clearance sales are taking place.

Because at no other time would I buy these fun boots which were $120 at the beginning of fall/winter.

And I bought them for only $31, Isn't that such a steal? I love it! I originally wanted this color shown above, but they didn't have my size 10, so I ordered them in chocolate brown, which will actually hide dirt better anyway ;-)

Now, I know we don't have to breakout serious snow boots like these that often in Alabama, but hey, it did snow here at least three times last winter, right? And they will always come in handy in Steamboat.

And I don't put any shoes on my feet unless they are super comfortable, and these being Aerosoles, fits the bill! I also ordered some knee-high brown suede boots, that were also regularly $120, for $55.

Super fun shoe shopping!

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  1. Awesome deals! I'm one of those people you mentioned - have a hard time buying at the end of season (but I wish I could!). I see the NEW and get super duper excited!