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Saturday, March 5, 2011

little gym kiss

I love watching Lucy when she's at her Little Gym dance class. This afternoon, I stationed myself on a chair which gave me a view into the studio through the glass door the kids use to go in and out. (There are several windows you can use to look through and see the kids, but they don't see you, but she wanted to be able to see Connor, so I didn't sit behind one of those windows ;-)

Anyhow, such a sweet little thing happened during her class, I just wanted to share:

After Lucy danced her "freestyle" across the floor, she ran up to the glass door, waved to me, and then planted a big kiss on the door.

I had Connor, wide awake and staring at me in my arms, and my little girl kissing me through the door...sweetness squared! (door germs aside ;-)


  1. We're never there on the same day, haha! That is so sweet of Lucy! :) She loves her Connor, doesn't she?! I bet she was so proud to show him off.

  2. Yes, she specifically requested (repeatedly) that Connor come, so we could "show him to people".