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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poor Jack...

Well, it's already happened...as a mom of three now, I've forgotten about one of my children.

Taking advantage of the daylight, we were all outside playing -Jason tending to his garden, mom rocking Connor, and me pushing the kids high on the swings ;-) - and as dusk began we all headed inside. My sweet friend Tiffany brought over dinner, and her girls were playing with us as well.

Jack grabbed some of his dump trucks from his room and asked to go back outside. So, I popped the door open, let him out and left it cracked for him. At this point, everyone else is inside, we're all chatting, hanging out. Eventually, Tiffany decided to head home, I needed to nurse Connor, and we started plating dinner.

While feeding Connor on the couch, during a quiet moment, I realized how quiet it was and asked, "Where's Jack?"

Followed quickly by, "Oh my God! He's outside!" I look out the windows...it's pitch black by now. Jason, or was it my mom, can't remember...opened up the back door and found Jack playing in the sandbox, driving around his dump trucks, perfectly content and happy.

I felt so horrible, I can't even tell you. I just kept saying, "Oh my goodness, I've forgotten about one of my kids, I've forgotten about one of my kids!"

Later during dinner, Connor was in his bouncy seat beside me. I leaned over and told him, "Connor, I promise I'll do my very best never to forget about you..."

I'm no "Super Mom," and sometimes I guess we just do the best we can... ;-)

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