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Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day ALONE!

Well, despite my best attempts to put this day off, it has arrived: my first day all alone with all THREE kiddos (and did I mention J & L don't have school today ;-(

Now, before I go on, I must point out that Connor is nearly 5 weeks old, and only now am I on my own. This is due completely to the selfless efforts of:

1) My mom, who so generously took this semester off from school so that she could be here to help out. She keeps everything moving smoothly, tirelessly taking night time feedings, tending to the laundry, dishes, and constant mess that seems to follow the older two everywhere.

2) Barbara, my too-good-to-be-true mother-in-law who took some time off of work to come and help out. She's a saint, there's no better word to describe her. She actually likes changing Connor's diapers ;-)

and of course,
3) Jason, who happily took off work whenever I asked him to so that he could stay home and help. I know some people may be thinking, "wow, who wouldn't rather be home than working, but considering what the "conditions" were like at home, some men would have been itching to get back to work.

So, it's nearly five o'clock - when Jason usually comes home - and I've made it. Jack and Lucy are still napping, in fact. All three kids went to sleep at 1:00ish, Connor sleeping until 3:50. I was able to swing a Tae-Bo workout and shower and brief shoe shopping on shoes.com (didn't find anything ;-( all before Connor woke up. If I can swing all three kids sleeping each afternoon, I can totally survive this transition ;-)

First thing this morning, I got some super sweet, quality snuggling time with all three kiddos. Before I had Connor, this was a special time of day for Lucy and I. (Jack always slept much later, and never had any interest in being still, especially in a bed. ;-) As soon as she woke up, she'd make a beeline for our bedroom, and sometimes she'd be able to even get in the bed before I'd wake up. She was content to snuggle for a good half-hour; I loved this sweet time. And I completely expected I'd have to give that up once Connor was born.

But, this morning, I found out I might still be able to sneak some snuggling time in. Even Jack joined the fun, although most of the time I had to hold his little hands together in mine to make sure he'd stop touching Connor's face so much ;-)

It was a 'Good Morning' indeed:


  1. Congrats on surviving! I am incredibly jealous that you have even 2 sleeping children at the same time, LOL! I remember those days..

    Love the pics, they are SO sweet!

  2. Great pictures and a sweet post!