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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ring Check!

Men - if there are any of you out there that actually read this ;-) - you'll not be interested in this post.

A friend of mine recently lost a stone from her engagement ring - so sad! I hate it for you, R!

While visiting Atlanta for Thanksgiving last week, I decided to take my rings to Shane Co (where my engagement and wedding band came from), for their complimentary check and cleaning. I'm so glad I went because I discovered that not only were a few prongs in fact, loose, but I was LONG overdue for a rhodium plating.

I learned white gold - desirable for it's strength and the fact that it's four times less than platinum - has one downside, in that over time, the metal itself can turn a yellowish color. Mine had done this, but I hadn't even noticed because it's such a gradual change. The saleslady showed me the difference by putting my ring next to one that had recently had the rhodium plating, and boy could you tell the difference! It's supposed to be done about once a year; well, we've been married over six years, and I had never had it done! woops!

But all was well because Shane Co. took care of tightening the prongs, cleaning the rings, and doing the rhodium plating, and when I picked up my rings, I could not believe the difference. They looked brand new! And I really couldn't believe it's all free - so hard to find good service these days, I think...

So, just a little suggestion, but ladies-go get your rings checked and serviced! I'm so glad I did with mine!

Funny side story...while my rings were at the store, Lucy told my Aunt Kay that "Mommy gave her rings back to the store." My aunt didn't know that I had, and she thought Lucy was fabricating some big 'ol story!

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  1. Hi,

    This is a great post! Glad we were able to rhodium plate your rings and get them back to their former glory. As an aside, if you happen to not live close to one of our stores anymore (since you said you went in while visiting Atlanta) and you would like to have them cleaned and checked you can Fed-Ex them to us. Here is a full description of that process. http://www.shaneco.com/About/LifetimeGuarantee.htmx

    Happy Holidays!


    Chris Jones
    Shane Co.