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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Recap

Well, it's New Year's Eve, and we're at home, having just put down a very "croopy Jack" and an overly tired Lucy. It took several hours to get the two car loads unpacked, but we're almost back to normal...

I think the problem uploading photos must have been through my parents' wireless or something, because the pics have uploaded just fine here. So, anyways, here's a quick recap of our travels in pictures...

In Oxford, AL on Christmas Day, celebrating with Jason's immediate and extended family...

*Lu and Jack would not stop running around in the snow, so we had to quickly grab them and contain them until the timer on the camera went off... ;-)

Lots of fun playing in the snow!!!! I like how my friends Adam and Ashley's blog put it: "Jesus sure knows how to throw himself a birthday party!" The snow was great!

cousin Joshua and Lucy

Just the 4 of us! Soon to be 5 - whoa baby!

Jason's immediate family: Jason, Jim, Barbara, Sarah, and Justin

Grandpa Bert and Grandmama Martin

Sarah (who Jack absolutely ADORES and bothered relentlessly during his visit ;-) and her boyfriend, Justin

of course the kids loved opening presents!

And then, on Dec. 26 we headed back to Atlanta. (Lucy, Jack, and I had been there from Dec. 18 - the 24th, but now Jason was joining us. We celebrated Christmas on the 26th with a yummy meal from Mom, and a visit from Grammy T. from Buffalo (my dad's mom).

Jack is now a pro at opening gifts...here, a fun Thomas the Train bath set!

And Lucy loved her very LARGE Fancy Nancy. Lady gave her an entire bedding set to coordinate with the series as well. She's sleeping happily in it right now ;-)

Lucy in more Fancy Nancy gear - pj's and fancy slippers from Uncle Ryan, and Jack is adorable in his personalized scrubs from Papa and Lady. It says "Jack Attack" above the pocket. ;-)

Jack loved watching "truck videos" on youtube with his fun uncles, my brothers Ryan and Brendan. Jason and I were joking as we unloaded all of Jack's trucks...since Dec. 2nd, when Jack turned 2, he has quickly collected what must be the largest collection of construction trucks, trains, and monster trucks! ;-)

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and hope you did as well!

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