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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmastime is Here!

Lots to catch up on...First, here are some pictures from the kids' Christmas Program. It was simple and sweet - they sang a few songs and bounced bells up and down to "Jingle Bells".

The funny part was when, after the conclusion of the first song, Jack first found Jason in the audience. Immediately, Jack shouted out, "Daddy!", popped up from the stage, sprinted to the end of the stage, lept off, and ran through the pews to where Jason and I were. So heartwarming!

This picture below is where Jack was screaming "Hey!" in the part of the song Jingle Bells. This was his favorite part! No surprise...

And then we're quiet... ;-)

On Saturday, the kids and I headed to Atlanta to spend some extra time with "Papa" who was home visiting from Denver. My parents' neighborhood was having a celebration, so we went to see Santa for the first time, decorate cookies, and ride the train.

Lucy was very excited to talk to Santa, and walked right up, while Jack stayed at a distance and repeatedly said, "no, no, no". We didn't force him on Santa's lap just for the sake of a picture - in which he'd be screaming, no doubt ;-)LOL

Telling Santa she wants a lunchbox...

Isn't this a great Santa?!? Appropriately, Mrs. Claus was next to him giving out candy canes.

And then we moved on to the cookie decorating station, where my dad imperiously asked the teenage girl helping out, "What kind of icing is this?" His worrying tends to surpass what I would consider a healthy level of concern, and my mom and I laughed to ourselves at his behavior. Yes, Dad, it's icing laced with poision, because that's what'd be best to serve children at a Christmas party... ;-)

Sweet girl, she just replied, "It's white icing with food coloring..."

I love this "vintage" effect on this photo...he looks like a little kid from the 50's...

Yes, he quickly contaminated the entire bowl of icing - intended to be shared among the kids at the table. He didn't decorate the cookie; he preferred to scoop lumps of it into his mouth.

Lady and Lucy, on the other hand, got right to the task of making "fancy cookies!"

The kids were waiting for the train to come and take them for a ride...

And when we're not busy out and around on the town ;-), here is how the kids entertain themselves at lady and papa's house...

Funny how when my brothers and I were young kids and my dad first got the pool table, we'd get in trouble if we breathed on it the wrong way! ;-) But Jack and Lucy scraping and swatting at the table, throwing balls off, and knocking balls together and on each other, no problem! Have fun grandkids!!!!
These were thrown off the table right after I took this photo...

We're having fun, but sure do miss "Daddy!" Can't wait to see you soon, Jason!

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