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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What do you do all day?

So, the title is that all-too-often phrase some stay at home moms hear from time to time (although no one has ever said it to me; which must mean that I don't know any stupid people, because only a total clueless person would ever ask that question to a SAHM :) But, I digress... :)

So, here's a glimpse in pics: not really in order, though :)

This is how I manage to prepare a dinner... kids stay busy with the Keurig cups :)

on weekends, family might come to visit!

and in the morning, after Lucy has left for school, the boys watch Cat in the Hat (a favorite of theirs!) while I attempt to clean up the tornado that was breakfast.

Jack's position:  t'he he he

and we have play dates with friends, where we are obsessed with counting down the minutes until we get...POPSICLES!

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