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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Connor's a "blankie-man"

Just a fun comparison...Lucy never cared for lovies, blankies, or stuffed animals.  Still doesn't.

Jack took three years before he began to show a particular preference for his quilt and lovies.  He's not dependent on them, but if he sees his quilt near his bed, he'll scoop it up and go to sleep with it.

But Connor, he was all about blankets and lovies from the start.  This kid sleeps with no fewer than four blankets.  Usually he pulls them over his face and leaves them there.  Bothers me, but anytime we remove them from his face, the next time we check on him, the blankets are over his face again...  Here, he's lying on his quilt, green one against face, blue one scrunched up behind, and then there's the blanket I laid on top of him.  His lovie is somewhere buried in there.  :)

When you pick him up after a nap or in the morning, he wants to bring two blankets with him, and it's always the silky blue and green one.  The "gender neutral" quilt I made him - which has some floral patterns on it because I just knew he was a girl :) - just gets love when he's in the crib :)

Another funny quirk I just discovered two days ago.  So, at meal time, Connor was furious about something and fussing at his plate .  Like, screaming directed at his plate, which had some strawberries on it among other things.  Lucy was clearly annoyed by the sound, and she tried to shut him up by throwing one of her strawberries on his plate.  Hers were whole strawberries, whole strawberries that Connor promptly took a chuck out of as soon as she tossed it on his plate.  Now, Connor loves strawberries, so I was perplexed as to why he wasn't eating the strawberries that were on his plate, but would eat Lucy's.  Well, I finally made the connection that his were cut up and hers weren't.  Oooooh, he won't eat the "baby" strawberries!  This was confirmed when I scooped away the cut up ones and replaced them with whole ones.  He giggled immediately, and happily started eating away!

Today, Connor and I met up with my friend Susie for lunch, and I made the mistake of absentmindedly cutting his sandwich into chunks.  I was immediately reminded as Connor thumped his plate.  :)  Connor is by far the most particular of all our kids.  Clearly, he's trying to tell us he's such a big boy!  :) Love it!

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  1. What a big boy he is! I LOVE the picture of him all wrapped up in the blankets.