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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

another "X"

I enjoyed lunch with Lucy at school today.  While eating, she fessed up to earning an X already that morning  (Lunch is at 10:33, so it didn't take her long :(

It was because of talking again - specifically, talking in line. 

We've tried a variety of punishments when she arrives home with an X for that day.  She's had playdates canceled, extra chores assigned, and time spent alone in her room.  Today, I tried a new tactic.  I typed up a letter Lucy was to copy on her own, as long as it took her (which was about 45 minutes, turns out), and then deliver to tomorrow to her teacher with a verbal apology as well. 

I'm hopeful this may be effective, because I'm learning with Lucy that while she's clearly careless about trying hard to remember the rules, she does feel shame.  When we were walking back to the classroom after lunch, I commented to her teacher - while Lucy was right at my side - that I heard about her new X.  Lucy immediately got all pink in the face, and eyes a little glassy.  She was clearly embarrassed and felt bad.  It's like in a favorite story of mine that we often read, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, when Lilly has to write an apology letter to the teacher.  We'll see if there's improvement...

Anyone have any suggestions?  :)

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, as I left the school today, I passed her class as they were lined up in the hall. I waved goodbye to Emery and then to Lucy. They were all SUPER quiet and still, as if they were scared to move! Maybe Lucy's teacher is pretty strict. Not that Lucy shouldn't abide by her rules, but maybe she's asking a lot of 5 year olds!