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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Checking in on our rebel kindergartner

So, Lucy is well into her fourth week of school, and fingers crossed, this will be the first week she earns all five of her "good behavior" stickers!  :)  The good news is that she totally loves school!  She comes home each day eager to do her homework, and she'll actually share details of what happened at school that day.  Girl loves to talk.  And that is precisely the problem that's been getting her big, fat "X"s on some days  (When I say "X" here's what I mean.  In her go-home folder, she has a sticker chart.  If she behaved well that day, there's a sticker in the box; if not, the teacher writes an "X".)  The first X - on day 2 of kindergarten- was for talking in the hall.  The second X - week two of school - was for talking in a no-talking zone, and the third X - during week 3 (see a pattern here?  :) - was for lying down on the floor during story time (And she even received a warning the first time she did it.  Her explanation of "But I forgot" just doesn't cut it!)  (We had a long, very firm talk about that one.  As a teacher myself, I consider that completely disrespectful and unacceptable.  I asked her how she thought it made her teacher feel that she lied down on the floor when she was trying to read her a story.  And explained that if one of my students had done that when I was reading to them, I would have thought they didn't care about what I was trying to do for them.)  

The light bulb clicked and I think she understood her wrong doing.  This lying down on the floor happened on her last day before we traveled to St. Louis for a family wedding.  So, Jason and I told her that since she couldn't pay attention to her teacher during story time that she wouldn't be allowed to "pay attention" to any dvd's on the car ride.  When Jason and I were deciding how we should punish her, we braced ourselves, anticipating that enforcing this "no dvd" punishment would likely mean hell for us on the car ride.   But, surprisingly, she didn't complain or whine once.  She took it like a man actually :)  I was expecting nine hours of whining, especially once Jack cued up his dvd, but she never did.  She actually got quite into her drawings, and drew lots of pictures; sweet little people with heart-shaped heads and curly hair sprouting out.  

While I've been disappointed that the breaking the rules started right out of the gate :), I'm not worried about it, because I know that with consistency at school and at home, she'll eventually get it that her teacher and Mommy and Daddy expect her to behave well and there will be consequences every time she chooses to misbehave.  

I blame this defiance completely on her father!  ;)  I would have quaked at the knees even thinking of misbehaving as a child.  My parents only needed to look at me firmly and I corrected myself.  Jason...well, he didn't operate that way.  I'll leave it at that :)

Here are some pictures so you can see all the fun she's been having:

The drawing is a self-portrait.  And I think it's hilarious that she sees herself in school with long wavy hair and wearing a pink ballgown!  :)

Writing rhyming words:  "pig in a wig"  I love the red flowers flanking the pig (who apparently has a human skeleton shape :)  When looking through her work, Lucy was excited to show me the pig's "pink high heels."  :)
This was her first craft she did in Kindergarten.  Cute...

And this I love...This was the first book she ever checked out from the library.  "Mama's Day Surprise."  Aw, heart flutter... :)  I think it's a fun tid-bit that the second book she checked out was another Bearenstein Bears one, "New Baby."  Lucy is me, completely made over.  She already talks about how when she grows up she wants to be a mommy and have lots of babies.  Isn't it funny... :)

And she went to art at some point during the first week.  Here was her first art assignment.  They were learning about different kinds of lines.

Kindergarten is turning out to be just as much fun as we thought!  I love doing homework with her in the afternoons, and I'm very proud of her eagerness to learn.  We'll keep working on that mouth of hers - HA!

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