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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lucy's a Dasiy!

Well, it finally happened...we've signup up Lucy for an extra curricular activity.  She's a Girl Scout!  Particularly, a "Daisy."  Her troop meets at school every other Friday, after dismissal.  I went to the first meeting last Friday because I wanted to check out how things work and order her uniform.  In the future, however, Lucy will just go to her meeting from her classroom, and I'll pick her up at 4 o'clock.  Super convenient, and I really appreciate the thoughtful scheduling.  (i.e. not at dinnertime as so many sporting activities seem to be.)  The mom leaders did a super job of organizing a meaningful meeting and incorporating the new Daisies with the girls who were in the troop last year.  Check out all that they did:

To learn each other's name, they played a neat game where they threw a ball of yarn to each other, calling out the other girl's name before throwing to them. 

They ended up with a cool web, and when one girl tugged on her part, all could feel it.  The moms used that as an example to show that all the girls were "sisters" with each other and how they were all connected together.  Sweet lesson.

Daisies earn petals as the complete their activities which teach them a variety of things like honesty and respect, helping others, using resources wisely, etc.  Each petal color represents one of the values, and here, the girls made their own Girl Scout Law keychain.  They had fun adding beads to their string and talking about what each color meant.  I really like what Lucy is (hopefully :) learning!  :)

Lucy had a great time at the meeting, but you may notice here that she is wearing quite a pouty face.  What had happened was this:  the meeting was wrapping up and I pulled Lucy aside to tell her that as a reward for having her first week where she earned all five "good behavior" stickers, we were going to go to the movies right after the meeting with some friends to see Finding Nemo 3D.  She was so excited, but then quickly asked if Jack was coming.  I told her yes, and well, she was super sour.  We took this group shot right after our conversation, so she was in major pouting mode about her brother also getting to come along to the movies.  Guess she didn't really listen to what the green petal was about, being "considerate and caring"!  LOL!

End of group.
Everybody turn!  :)

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