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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boys' New Room

Lucy's hot pink room is now a navy/dark blue color, and "construction" themed for Connor and Jack: 

I love, love, love the blue walls, and without having to try too hard, we had to buy only very little to finish it up.  Each boy already had their little "everywhere chair" from their first birthday present from Lady and Papa.  I already had the fabric to sew their window valances - left over from an upholstery project (4 individual triangles draped over each other.)  And the "curtain rod" was a piece of wood I found alongside the road where new houses are being built in our neighborhood.) 

I found the bedding at the Pottery Barn outlet in Atlanta, and from there, I did what any mom who wanted to find some fun, creative ideas for completing the room - I hit up Pinterest!  :)  I found an adorable idea of using a wooden pallet as a headboard.  While there were a few wooden pallets along side the road, they were filthy.  As usual, I got lucky at Habitat ReStore downtown and found a very clean, very large wooden pallet for $10.  A light spray with the hose to remove the dust, a light sanding, a quick cut into two pieces, and voila! wooden headboards.  I LOVE how they turned out!

I like the vertical headboard, but it needed something.  I took two old decorative wooden pictured that don't match any of our rooms anymore, covered them in white fabric I already had, then played around with the wooden blocks.  I was able to make the words, "lift," "dig," "haul," and "boom."  After stealing two toy cars from the boys, I glued together a fun construction scene for each boy's headboard.

dump trucks, cranes, and cement mixers, oh my!  :)

We had planned to go ahead and move Connor, but after the conclusion that I need to have surgery on my knee, we're going to keep him in his nursery because it's on the same level as our bedroom.  It's already going to be challenging enough to keep up with him on crutches, there's no way I'm going to add getting up and down the stairs anymore than I have to :)

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  1. It's SO cute! I just love the bedding and headboards!