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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"No, Lucy!"

Again, long delay in between posts...reason being my nausea I'm experiencing with this pregnancy is absolutely wretched. There were lots of tears yesterday and a phone call to Jason begging him to leave work early; I was just a wreck.

Lovely husband he is, he came straight home - armed with research no less, on what stay-at-home-moms can do to make it through the day when they're sick...so sweet! He had lots of good suggestions like relying on a support system of friends (which I'm so blessed to have, but I hesitate even asking my SAHM friends because just about every mom who lives near me is either pregnant and dealing with the same crap, or already has a bunch of kids - how can I throw two more on their load, you know?!? And of course, all my great friends who don't have kids...well, they're at work all day, of course.

I've hired sitters plenty of times to come over, but that's getting expensive, and making me feel like a wretched mother simultaneously. Too darn bad Mom's Morning Out hasn't started back up yet - that'd be a HUGE help.

I've now begun to wonder if I'm just a cry-baby, wuss, who can't deal with this very well, but I've been assured by other moms who endured even worse that's I'm not - it just really is THAT bad! ;-(

Oh well, of course this won't kill me, so I'm going to take some of my own advice and just keep repeating to myself, "No mother ever died of: first-trimester (please God let it only be FIRST trimester!!!) nausea" and take it a day at a time.

And I know it won't last forever, but telling a mother who's in the throes of this blasted nausea that it's a brief period of time in her life - exactly what my OB told me at my last appt. - simply does NOT help. I don't want to hear something logical right now, I just want your pity ;-) LOL

Anyways, but here I am posting, feeling well enough to do something other than lie on the couch and wish for death.

Last night, Lucy had her first "incident" with coloring on the walls - and yes, I mean plural wall(s). Pictures are of her room, but she took a brown marker the length of our hallway wall, up and down, up and down the halls, several times! ;-( Jason went through an entire Magic Eraser getting that mess off the walls!

See the purple markings above her light switch in this picture (they extended far higher than what's showing):

Gulity faces!

Lucy also enjoyed throwing her bin of crayons EVERYWHERE in her room. It looks like Jack was in on it, but actually he wasn't. He was just there for the aftermath... ;-) Sweet, tender guy he is, he was probably even trying to clean up...

neat angle Jason snapped...

And here's the little angel this morning, just looking sweet an innocent while watching cartoons.

You never would know the havoc she wreaked the night before ;-)

Thank you Jason for once again handling everything while I lied in bed. You're a trooper, and I'm sorry you're basically a single parent right now ;-( Thanks for everything you're doing! Love you!

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  1. What a mess! Please don't hesitate to ask me for help, even if it's just (or should I say "especially") to be your personal shopper! I hate seeing you feeling so blah!