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Monday, July 5, 2010

"Jack, no TACKLING!"

I never thought I'd be uttering those words to my 19 month old, but over the past few days - while we're here visiting Jason's family and extended family in St. Louis - I've had to discipline Jack with those words, no fewer than five times a day!

We've been fondly regarding Jack lately as our "little linebacker," but now it refers to more than just his wide girth and body style. Jack's cousin, Joshua, is seven months older, but quite smaller in stature, and very gentle in demeanor. Well, Jack picked up on those qualities immediately, and has taken to tackling Joshua as a lion would destroy a gazelle. Jack thinks it's funny, of course, but he advances on Josh from behind, locks his arms around Josh's waist, leans forward, burrows his head on Josh's shoulder, and barrels forward until they both fall down - which usually isn't very long. Josh lies on the floor, crying, looking upwards for help, while Jack stands up triumphant...until he is scolded, that is. It's a brief victory for him - LOL!

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