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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hilton Head, part 1

Hey Everyone!

I've been absent for a while - my apologies, although I can't say I'm genuinely sorry ;-) The first several days' absence was due to such extreme nausea, that I didn't care much about anything except just making it through the day, and then we were busy getting ready and getting to our beach trip here in Hilton Head, SC.

It's going awesome!... for many reasons; the main reason probably being that we brought a great sitter with us. It is SO fantastic. Jason and I spent at least three hours today, alone at the beach, while Katie stayed back at the house while Jack and Lucy slept. We went out to an amazing meal last night, just us two. And just having an extra pair of hands and eyes to watch the kids takes such a load of stress out of the equation - it's fantastic! I never want to vacation again without a sitter!

This beach house is working out great, and the two different kitchens and living areas on different floors is really helping to make sure that the two families that are here (we're here with my college roomate, Laura, and her husband and sweet kids - who are 4 and 1.5 years old) don't feel cramped. And the sitters have their own room; there's plenty of space and it's great!

Will post pictures soon! I did take the camera with us to the beach today, but the mirror fogged up so badly because I took it straight from the air-conditioned house to the muggy beach, so I haven't gotten any shots yet. We'll head out to the beach again after naps, so I'll do my best to post their little sun-kissed faces soon.

Oh, this is funny...for those of you who interact with Jack often, you know of his sweet, friendly, "Hi" plus wave he greets everyone with, even strangers...

Well, he was walking up to strangers on the beach today, usually large, overweight old men, waving and saying "Hi! Hi!"

Future politician perhaps? ;-)

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